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Waiting on a flat-mount disc caliper jig

Travel bike mockup

The front triangle for my travel bike is 99% glued up (I need to glue on some cable guides or stops for the rear brake, which in any case are going to need to stand far enough off from the downtube so they won’t foul the couplers) and the rear triangle is closer to 0% because of the lack of the aforementioned jig.

I’m going to have to build a dummy chainstay+dropout that has flat mount bosses, then build a jig to match up to it so I can glue the bosses onto other frames (like this one.) This shouldn’t take that long, but it’s a bit of fiddly work that involves actually measuring and cutting things accurately, so I’ve been putting it off. Maybe having the front triangle finished (and needing to have this completed and painted so I can tear down the traditional randonneuse and give it the neon pink/green paint scheme it needs. (The travel bike is going to be more boring; grape purple with yellow lettering.)