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Not the greatest week for ER visits

This was not one of my better weeks in the health department.

First, on friday, I managed to pull a muscle in my waist while messing about with racks, and made what I now recognise as a horrible mistake by taking half an oxycodone tablet before going to sleep. This messed up my sleep (hallucinogenic dreams do not make for a restful night) and I fainted going down the stairs (on the landing, so there wasn’t any spectacular tumble, but still enough so off I went to the emergency room to be prodded and scanned to verify that it wasn’t symptomatic of some deep seated “this is wrong”. It wasn’t, but it left the left side of my face & body covered with bruises and scrapes.

By itself, that would have been annoying enough, but on Tuesday I had been running a bunch of errands and was a whole 800 feet away from home when I suddenly got hit by labyrinthitis (labyrinthitis is one of those fun things where one second everything seems fine and then your ear canals go on strike and all you can do is lie down, close your eyes, and hope that the fact that you’re pressed against solid ground is enough to keep your stomach from exploding. Walking, let alone riding a bike, is right out) and ended up going back to the emergency room because there was no way in hell I could have made that last 800 feet by myself. 12 hours in the ER, completely with a couple of bouts of Exorcist-style projectile vomiting, and not being able to fully knock the nausea and dizziness down until I was able to get a line into my arm (not a trivial task, because I am literally screamingly needlephobic and have to do some pretty extreme measures to quiet my subconscious down to the point where the ER staff can get the needle into me) and get enough fluids & IV valium & antinausea goop into me to stop my ears from spinning and my stomach from flipping out.

So for the past few days I’ve been lying in bed, only occasionally climbing out to use the bathroom, and, at least today, to do the laundry.

It has been, as they say, one of those weeks.



That sounds just excessively wretched. I hope the prognosis is favourable!

Graydon Fri Jul 12 06:30:44 2019