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I made a thing

Riding a thing

I took the old Bianchi Strada frame that’s been sitting around in my bike mess since I replaced the rear dropouts and dug up enough parts to make it into a bicycle shaped object. It’s not nearly as comfortable to ride as any of my other machines is (it’s short and, as you can see, there’s not much saddle to bar drop & it doesn’t have drop bars, so it forces an upright position) but that’s okay because it’s meant to be a way I can store parts without having them get submerged in the piles of bike parts & frame/rackbuilding tools & supplies.

If you think it looks really low, you’re right! The Bianchi Stradas of this era are designed around 700×38c tires, and I’ve put 559×38 tires (and wheels) on it, which makes it an upright scraper bike. I can’t do much for the low BB & short TT, but if I go back and strip off the existing bars (Soma Sparrow, I think) and replace them with the set of Lauterwasser bars that are floating around with all of my other bike parts I’ll be able to push my handlebar position forward and down a little bit, which will make it a slightly more comfortable scraper bike.