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Network upgrades

New firewall/router

A new firewall/router so I can convert the Actiontec modem that Qwest provided into just a modem instead of a (crappy) modem/router/firewall); I’m doing this because the end-user network staff at Qwest pushed a firmware update that disables shell access to my modem, and refuse to give me the password to reenable it. I was logging into the modem and setting up traffic shaping so that non-games traffic could get through when the medium-sized bears are both gaming, but hahaha I can’t do that now so f you qwest I’m going to pitch your modem into the electronic equivalent of the trash (as soon as I can figure out how to telnet into this thing and configure it as a firewall/router.)

This is a friendlyelec nanopi r1 with 1gb of core and an 8gb ssd. Running Linux, as so many tiny arm machines do, though I’m sure I can coax it into working properly for me.