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Invisible paw

My (fractured?) left hand being bombarded with high-energy photons. (I was left-hooked by a bike ninja last week and my left hand has been hurting ever since; I went to a doctor yesterday and they suggested x-ray photos, which I went out and did today. The lab didn’t say “yes, it’s broken” but they fairly strongly suggested that it might be broken. Sigh. Stupid bike ninjas.)


Ouch. Hope you can get a definite (and generally positive!) diagnosis.

“Left-hooked by a bike ninja” – overtaken on the left by somene riding irresponsibly who managed to cause you to crash? managed to hit your hand with their handlebars/other?

Graydon Thu Sep 25 17:59:05 2014

He’d pulled over to the RIGHT side of the road at a stoplight as I approached from behind. The light changed as I passed and he IMMEDIATELY turned left across the road and rammed my bicycle. No signalling, no looking over his shoulder, no nothing.

David Parsons Fri Sep 26 09:54:23 2014


I find myself hoping that individual fell into traffic.

And that you’re fully recovered very soon!

Graydon Sun Sep 28 13:10:19 2014

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