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Half disc brakes & Lauterwasser bars

Tweaking the GT a bit – higher trail disc fork, disc brakes to go with the fork (the front is the only functional one right now; I need to fabricate and braze mounts for the rear brake), and Lauterwasser bars to hold the existing brake levers (they need to be recased in drop levers, but until I do that a pair of mustacheish bars will keep them from flopping around and getting tangled up in the wheels.)


Nice to see you trying disc!

I have zero experience with hydralic; hope it behaves itself. (I will recommend the bejesus out of Avid BB-7s; saved my life at least twice.)

Graydon Sun Sep 7 18:00:12 2014

The curse of 650b is that once you get away from the 27.5" mtb crowd it’s pretty much all historical reenactment, and those people are willing to pay a premium for stuff that looks old. So basically every rim-brakeable rim out there is hideously expensive – admittedly most of the disc brake rims available are also hideously expensive, but not all of them are.

So on this wheelset I spent $75 for the hydraulic brakes (instead of $60 for rim brakes + kool-stop pads), but that’s made up for by spending $25/rim instead of $60/rim. And that puts the old wheelset into storage as spares for the Trek, the Murray Baja Experience!, and Russell’s Kogswell. It’s worth the experiment!

David Parsons Sun Sep 7 22:19:03 2014

You also get to keep the rims for longer. :)

Completely worth the experiment; despite the aesthetic issues, disc is better brakes-as-brakes.

Graydon Mon Sep 8 19:46:37 2014

I’m not sure; rim brakes are just very large disc brakes :-) But, yes, it is nice that the rims become less of a wear item given that I burn through a rear rim in about 15k miles.

David Parsons Tue Sep 9 17:29:55 2014

Rim-brake-as-very-large-disc is a wonderful rhetorical response. :)

Still, I’m pretty sure the engineering is easier when the brake rotor doesn’t have to support a tire….

Graydon Wed Sep 10 05:54:36 2014

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