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Not a typical 650b rando bike

Beckman Road born-again Trek

Sure, it’s got the ob-leather saddle, and yes it’s got handlebars with rando hunchback, but the aluminum frame, pink fenders, caliper brakes, and 12-13cm saddle to bar drop are not the sort of thing you’re likely to see on a 650b bicycle out on the line. And you can’t see it, but it doesn’t have a low-trail fork either.

It’s perfectly comfy out to 200k (it’s too late and rainy in the season for 300+k; I already have to wake up early in the morning and hustle to get back before dusk starts creeping in, and the lure of spending 12-15 hours in a relentless freezing drizzle has lost some of its appeal) and if the frame doesn’t shatter it’s going to be put in service for longer rides come springtime.