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Project of the day

Recased Avenir dynolight, mounted on the born-again Trek

I had an old Avenir 3-watt dynamo light floating around the basement that I wanted to wire onto the born-again Trek so I could ride it on winter brevets. This headlight had one problem with it; it was in a case that mounted from the bottom, which meant that if I was going to use it I’d have to braze a hanger onto the born-again Trek’s front rack.

Well, that wouldn’t do.

So I cut the optics out of the old case and recased them in a new case that I made from a pillbottle, silicone paste, and parts from my workbench. This is not a permanent solution; In the long run I’m going to glue up a carbon-fiber headlight casing (along with the carbon fiber fenders that I need to make for the born-again Trek and the GT) but until I can float $120-200 on spec this will be the solution I will use. If it was ugly it would bother me, but it’s functionally attractive as it sits, so the limiting factor will be if it vibrates apart on brevets.