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It’s been a while since the Trek frame made it up to Ripplebrook

Ripplebrook born-again Trek

About 4 years, as a matter of fact. I’ve got to get the rest of the xtracycle up to Ripplebrook soon, but not until I’ve figured out a way to make the !berthoud saddle situation a little more comfortable.

Note that despite me taking it on a 200k, there is no front rack or rando bag – I carried all of my food in the back pockets of my jersey, and, my, that’s a cruddy way to carry things. I’m going to /have/ to braze up a 6×6 rack, tack a couple of mounpoints onto the front surface of the fork, and sew up a conventionally sized tiny rando bag for it. I’d like to say I’ll do this before next weekend, but that probably won’t happen (I need to resolve the torn sidewall on the rear Confrerie – the torn area is bulging out enough to make the bicycle go thump! thump! thump! and I suspect that the next 100k will see the rear tire going *pop* at an unfortunate time. I suppose I can move the front Confrerie to the back wheel and put the spare Hetre on the front wheel?)