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V-brake day

Canti posts for the MLCM (1)

After practicing a couple of days ago I finally cleaned the paint off the midlifecrisismobile’s seatstays and brazed a pair of canti posts into place. Not the best brazing I’ve ever done (bernzomatic torches and bicycle frames have a sort of strained relationship) but it seems solid enough for me to rattlecan (Rustoleum “satin red” is a very close match to the burgundy paint on the MLCM) and bolt on a pair of cheap v-brakes I scavenged from a Wal*Mart special.

Now to take it out on a couple of 200ks to see whether the brazes will hold up.


I hope that works out for you, but as far as I know, bikes designed for cantilevers typically have thicker walled running in their seat stays than bikes that do not.

Michael Wolfe Fri Oct 11 07:13:42 2013


Michael Wolfe Fri Oct 11 07:14:27 2013

The Paterek manual doesn’t mention anything about seatstay requirements for canti studs; perhaps the concern is for race-weight seatstays?

David Parsons Fri Oct 11 22:08:34 2013

You may well be right. I have hardly anything like expertise on the matter.

Michael Wolfe Sat Oct 12 06:21:34 2013

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