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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™


I’d ordered a black PV-8 dynohub to lace to the Archetype I’d bought to replace the almost-worn-out Open Sport on the midlifecrisismobile, and when it arrived today I started lacing up the new dynowheel. This was a somewhat more eventful chore than I thought it would be at first, because it’s really easy to overtension a wheel when I’m using a Spokey, and I got the thing so tense that it started to taco, and then some of the nipples were on so strongly that they shattered when I tried to detension them (so I had to cut out the spokes. Ugh. I’m glad I buy 4 spare spokes per wheel when I order them from Danscomp.)

Dust Mite is supervising while I retension and retrue the offending wheel (and then they (the rims, not the dust mite) go into the basement and wait for the existing rims to wear through.)