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Bicycle photo of the day

The project bike sits in 6 inches of snow at the Timber Lake Job Corps sign

I rode up to Ripplebrook again today (10th time this year, not counting times I’ve just passed through) or, at least, tried to ride up to Ripplebrook. But, once again, my plans were thwarted by the quantity of snow; today, the snow rapidly deepened and the road rapidly iced when I neared the top of the last ramp up to Ripplebrook (to the point where whenever we traversed a banked section of the road our bicycles would start to slide sideways towards the edge of the road – by the time we reached the Timber Lake exit, we were walking the bicycles across tilted sections of the road) and forced me to cut back the turnaround control to Timber Lake (we made up the distance by riding a mile and change up Fish Creek Road, which I need to ride again sometime when (a) I’m not on a brevet clock and, more importantly, (b) it’s not winter.)

The weather did bad things to my GPS, my camera – the GPS spent much of the outbound leg, and the first hour of the inbound leg, turning itself on and off, and the camera started doing system resets, then booting up and asking if I wanted to set the date – and our brevet average, which ended up being very slow (11h12 to finish the loop.)

Fun? Yes. Wet, though; none of my allegedly waterproof clothing, except for the rain jacket, ended up being waterproof :-(



Lynne Thu Dec 20 08:54:59 2012

and there really is no such thing as waterproof clothing - just water-resistant for long periods of time.

Lynne Thu Dec 20 08:55:24 2012

Yes, but I’m growing increasingly annoyed with so-called waterproof gloves; the Giro Pivot gloves I’m trying now aren’t as aggressively heat-sucking as the last pair of waterproof gloves I tried, but it only took about 33 miles of rain (Portland->Estacada) before they were wet both inside and out and my fingers were starting to get cold (and then I took them off and couldn’t bring myself to put them back on again!)

I’m starting to think about some sort of bar mitt arrangement (or little plexiglass windshields that sit in front of the hooks) to at least cut the wind flowing over my fingers. I don’t know if I’d mind wet hands quite so much if they weren’t cold wet hands,

David Parsons Fri Dec 21 11:46:18 2012

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