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The year is running down

Porteur bag view of the road ahead

… and I’m rapidly running out of riding time. The last few weeks have been a bit of a dud, but winter break is coming up in two days and then I’ll hopefully be able to finish the year in a blaze of glory; I’ve not ridden VvsF for several months, so I should ride it again, I want to do a fast run down to Silver Falls (to see if I can make it there and back during daylight in wintertime), and I suppose I should go up to Birkenfeld while the store is still there.

And maybe there will be an overlap between sunny days and the days I’m out on my bicycle. I’ve got enough warm clothing so that bitterly cold mornings aren’t quite as bad as they’ve been in the past (and enough so that if it does manage to snow at Ripplebrook I can scoot up there and do some skiing with the mlcm or project bike.)

And then it will be next year, where I will probably not do as much riding as I did this year (thanks mainly to the surgery I’m going to try to arrange to kludge together my right shoulder; the 3-4/4-6 month downtime is going to severely crimp my riding, even if I do manage to beg borrow or buy a tadpole for the duration.)