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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

A temporary bottle cage that's almost the perfect size for a dust mite

I’m volunteering on the summer 400k so I can’t ride it then. Instead I’m going to be doing the workers ride tomorrow (awake at 3am, ride up to Hayden Island at 4am, head south (going within a mile of my house. Grrr) at 5am.) The organizers require, along with the usual pile of rando junk that any brevet requires, that riders carry three water bottles. This was a problem, because the mlcm only has two water bottle mounting points.

The solution was to go to my LBS and ask them for a third bottle solution. They recommended the VIP bottlecage clips, by Elite, which I bought sight unseen and stuck onto the mlcm. It’s not a very good solution (the design is better than the implementation) but it should work well enough for tomorrow.

It’s also just the right size for a Dust Mite even though this is likeliest the dirtiest part of the bicycle (I will probably wrap the top of any bottle I put in here with aluminum foil, otherwise it would be far too disgusting to even decant the water into a usable bottle.)