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The Eggbeaters didn’t work, so back to REI they go to be replaced with Shimano mountain pedals. Let’s see how they work.


If those are M520s, the cleat they come with is the SH-51, which is the low-range-of-motion, release-from-twist-only version. They are indeed a bit difficult to release.

SH-56 cleats, with more degrees of freedom and vertical as well as lateral release, are much easier to get off the pedal.

I find the 51s are much better for climbing, so it’s everything is tradeoffs again.

Graydon Fri Jul 27 15:49:10 2012

Crank brothers cleats only release when you rotate your feet sideways. I don’t know if they’ll release if I rotate my feet inwards, because there’s almost always a bicycle in the way.

The only difference I see after 15 miles with the Shimano pedals and cleats are that I have to be more deliberate when releasing them. The Eggbeaters would let me cock my feet, then finish pulling away; the Shimano ones really want to relatch if I only rotate my feet part of the way. Not different enough to be really noticable, though we shall see what happens after I’ve been on a bicycle for 26 hours and am no longer running on all cylinders.

David Parsons Fri Jul 27 18:37:07 2012

SH51 cleats are responsible for my one and only one cleat-related fall (notice traffic light change way late; come to very abrupt stop; have the right shoe out and realize I’m tilted to the left, fall down, go boom) and I certainly didn’t have the excuse of having been awake for more than a day.

Managed to convince my cycling companion both that full-finger gloves are a good thing and that she wasn’t ever going to try clip shoes.

So I hope it goes well!

Graydon Sat Jul 28 07:55:42 2012

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