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Now all I need is some helpful volunteers to help me preride them

I don’t have enough 300km and 400km permanents yet. So I made a pair (300 and 400km) to fix that wagon.

The route for the High Rock 300
A nice 300k with a little bit of climbing.

The route for the Hot Springs - Covered Bridges 400k
A nice 400k with about the same amount of climbing as the 300k has.

Normally I’d just ride these by myself, but, alas, 300k and 400k are substantially longer than 200k and I would find myself (on the 400 for certain, and possibly on the 300 unless I started at 3am) riding in the dark near the end of a moderately long day on the bike.

Note that the both of them take advantage of the run up to Ripplebrook RangerGuard Station and then wander further off into the impassable wilderness before returning to civilization. One spiffy feature about these routes is that since they climb into the mountains on forest roads they’ll be closed for about 7 months out of the year because of the snow.