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Gone shopping

Getting supplies for the next 4-5 handlebar bags

My supply of cordora had run down to just about nothing, and I needed to get some aqua and yellow fabric for one of the bags I’m making, so I took the mlcm down to the Mill End Store to refill my supply heap. I walked out of the store with 5 yards of cordora in a variety of colors (aqua, gold, red, burgundy), 10 yards of bias tape, three yards of ¾ths velcro, and a fistful of black thread, d-rings, and fastex snaps.

It took a while to wedge it into the rando bag (I was also carrying the pentax to get photographic evidence of my trip) but it did all fit finally. And, wow, it certainly made quite a difference in the handling – bumps feel a lot different when you’re carrying a large wad of soft material on the front of the bicycle.