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rando amnesia

Sellwood-Devil's Backbone populaire

It was pretty rainy in the middle of last weekend’s R400 so you’d think that I’d be wary of doing any log rides until next weekend (I’m riding a flèche next Friday/Saturday, then bolting for an Amtrak station so I can come back home to get a nights sleep before going to a concert on Sunday,) but no, now that my knee doesn’t hurt and my toes have stopped being waterlogged all those unpleasant memories have gone away and I’m going to ride up towards Zigzag to verify a route I put together for a friend (I was going to ride it with friends on Sunday, but easter brunch trumps it, and I’m not going to let them have all the fun.) And, anyway, this will give me a chance to test my new alpine gearing on the ramps that convinced me I needed it in the first place.

The rain, the long hours of riding, the third round of feeling like I’m wandering aimlessly in the trackless wastes between Salem and Wilsonville? It’s as if I am recalling them from a distantly remembered dream, so I can be unpleasantly surprised anew the next time I go out into the howling rain.