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Railroad picture of the day

EPT 100 in the new East Portland yard

Part of the work being done on the (finally under construction) Milwaukie interurban line is the relocation of Portland Traction Oregon Pacific’s East Portland yard, because the interurban line is going to go right across the middle of the existing yard (with, I may add, a grade crossing, so people may be able to see, in just 5-6 years, a pair of modern low-floor trolleys waiting for a GS-4 to clear the crossing on a southbound Holiday Express) and this means the yard has to move out of the way.

The fenced off track is the start of the new yard – it’s been leased(?) to ORHF to store their collection of passenger cars (the FA and a bunch of other equipment have been hauled away to a siding in NW Portland, where they’re going to stay until the ORHF yard is built) – but presumably EPT OPR has arranged it so they can tuck the working Eng! inside the chainlink + barbed wire fence for safekeeping.

So there it sits on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, just waiting to interrupt my bike ride with a photo opportunity.