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Rando junk (× 2)

A taillight blinkie, found a little more than 10 miles north of Sweet Home

A screwdriver, found on Stafford Road

It’s not a proper brevet without picking up interesting things by the side of the road, and the latest incarnation of the At Eden’s Gate 400 was no exception. On the way down to the Eugene area, I spotted a little taillight/blinkie sitting forlornly by the side of the road, and had to turn back to recover it (and discovered that it still works. It comes with a couple of super-annoying flash modes, but they demonstrate that the optics are still in good condition. If I don’t want to ever use it as a taillight (it’s not dynamo-powered, so it’s less useful than it otherwise would be) I can always tear it apart and wedge the optics into a different container, then use one of the myriads of circuits on the net to properly power it); then, later, after I’d finished the official brevet and was riding the ~14 miles home, I spotted a screwdriver sitting forlornly by the side of Stafford Road. My rando junk toolbox is not complete, and this screwdriver is just what I needed.