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Annoying bicycle discovery of the day

If I take my bicycle out in enough heavy rain, it washes all of the lubricating oils out of the chain. This is particularly annoying when it happens at the start of an R300, when losing the lube means that I get to deal with a squeaking skipping chain for the remainder of the loop.

And, no, WD-40 is every bit as much of a non-solution as you might expect it to be.

Time to consider a slightly different approach to lubricating the chain. Maybe the hot wax treatment?


I used to use a mountain bike chain oil that was meant for wet conditions. I think it was called “Chain Kote Wet”. Would that help?

Paul Tomblin Sun Mar 27 05:14:06 2011

I’ve been using Pedro’s “Ice Wax 2.0”; given that it’s a dry lubricant and difficult to remove from the chain on purpose, it might work better in the rain.

I don’t have access to West Coast rain levels, but it holds up well in thunderstorms, etc. here in the Canadian mid-continent.

Graydon Sun Mar 27 09:22:46 2011

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