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Project of the week, now with accessories

huge rando bag prototype

There’s going to be a not-ridiculously-remote R200 this Saturday, and I was thinking that it might be a nice little loop through the countryside if the weather wasn’t too horrible. So I was in the throes of putting together what I’d need to ride if I’m able to drag myself out of bed and down to the closest trolley station at 5effing30 Saturday morning when I realized that my nice new front rack was missing something fairly important if I wanted to actually carry things on that brevet.


I’m not altogether certain that I’m weatherproof enough to sally out in -5°C weather and wander up and down the Willamette valley on a day when the high is supposed to be +5°C, but I’m certainly not weatherproof enough to do it without cargo capacity for additional pairs of socks, gloves, food, and chemical hand/feetwarmers. Lets see if I can successfully correct this deficiency by tomorrow afternoon.

(along with correcting the missing 70 miles I need to push myself over 8700 miles for the year. *twitch*)