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A quick unscientific comparison between the Trek and the MLCM

Two days ago, we celebrated Russell’s 11th birthday (the public birthday party, which happened two days after his actual birthday) by inviting a bunch of his friends over to play computer games all afternoon. This meant that we had to clean up before they came over, so by the time they went home we were tired enough so that doing anything for dinner was too much.

So we ordered takeaway from Laughing Planet, and I rode the Trek up the hill to pick up the food. And then when I got back home, the best realized that the people at Laughing Planet had left part of our dinner out, so I had to turn around and ride up the hill again to get it. This time I took the MLCM, and thus got a quick unscientific comparison between the two bicycles.

The Trek took me 30.5 minutes to do a 5.7 mile loop. The MLCM, on the other hand, took me 24.5 minutes.

It’s not too far off from my relative speeds on various brevets, but it’s a nice back-to-back comparison.