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It looks so white and peaceful, but that’s just an artifact of the camera

White on white (there's a volcano in there if you look closely)

It was actually sunny this morning, so I decided it would be a good time to ride up to Sandy to see if there was any snow on the ground there (there wasn’t, but I did see pieces of snow on the ground on westbound highway 26, presumably from cars that had started their day up on the mountain.) But what there was, in unpleasantly high velocities, was wind coming out of the gorge/down the mountain, which meant that it took me approximately forever to ride the 25.5 miles from my door to where I turned around at Joe’s Donuts (which I did not stop at this time, alas; the rain was projected to come in at 4pm, and after battling headwinds for two hours and change (with only about 20 minutes of no headwind on the upper reaches of the Springwater Trail, Telford Road, and OR212 in downtown Boring) I didn’t have enough time for a stop :-( ) and had whited out Mount Hood in much the same way a 75 trillion gallon bucket of wite-out would have done.

There’s a mountain in there, really. Just look carefully and you might see it.