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An easily recognisable bicycle

Coffeeshop Quickbeam

I was on my way up to Noah’s Bagels this afternoon, and when I crossed Woodstock I couldn’t help but notice this shiny! traction orange bicycle sitting locked up at the First Cup Coffeehouse. As I sailed by, the little sidebadges on the seat tube waved at me and said “hiya! I’m a Rivendell and you’re not!” so I had to pull a U-turn and loop back to verify it.

A 58 or 60cm(?) Quickbeam fully decked out in Rivendell fashion, up to and including the obligatory Wald basket zip-tied to a Nitto front rack, and looking like it had just come through the bicycle wash.

It’s very pretty. Too bad (or good, considering that I’ve been wanting to get a slightly larger bobtail frame than my 56cm Trek for my xtracycle) Riv doesn’t sell Quickbeams anymore :-(