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New Code!

Discount has been pulled up to version 1.6.7 with the correction of one small bug in the way backticks are handled. I had miscoded the case where a code span had more closing backticks than opening backticks; the old code would end up eating the contents of the code span instead of leaving the excess ticks alone.

1.6.7 “fixes” this. It’s not an accurate fix; the markdown dingus will not codify a block of text if there are more than two backticks there closing backticks than opening backticks (and version 1.6.8, which is going to include a much-requested ~~strikethrough~~ hack, will attempt to hew more closely to the reference version here.)

I can pretty much guaranteeassume that this New Code! won’t cause any fatal damage to your system. So you should start using it now, so I can get the bug reports before I set the 1.6.8 label.