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Pretty flower picture of the day

A large purple flower at the Chinese Garden

An Althea blossom at the Chinese Garden.

I’d taken the Nikon L6 out for the afternoon so I could see how it would work as a CBC, and wanted to see how it would work in the macro setting. Fortunately this purple flower showed up just in the nick of time so I could take a picture or two. The flash fired the first time and washed it out, so I used my finger to diffuse the flash on the second image, and it turned out much better.

If I was to use this $30 wonder for macro photography in the future, I’d cut apart some small plastic box and work it so I could clip it over the top of the camera and over the built-in flash.


flower is althea, also rose of sharon.

southern reader Sun Aug 29 11:38:01 2010

Thank you for telling me what the flow actually is!

David Parsons Mon Aug 30 14:58:56 2010

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