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Playing around with the camera

Still life with lamp, toys, and artworks

I bought a Pentax Bellows II a month and a half ago, and it came with a genuine Pentax m42 to K-mount adapter and a magnifier-K. The m42 to K-mount adapter went into the *istDS immediately (I only have two K-mount lenses left – my temporarily out-of-service f1.2 50mm SMC prime and my almost never used except during bee season Quantaray (Cosina?) 70-300mm tele-macro lens – but I have six or seven screw mount lenses plus the Bellows II) but the magnifier-K never got used because it won’t fit over the viewfinder on my *istDS.

Today I was thinking that I should probably just resell it, because it didn’t fit on my camera (and I’m not likely to go out and buy a Spotmatic – I already have two Voightländer film cameras that I barely ever use due to the cost of developing film, as well as a Pentax auto 110 that I barely ever use for the same reason) but before doing that I wanted to see if I could jury-rig it onto the *istDS.

Nope, I couldn’t. But while I was in the throes of doing it, I took a few pictures of this occasional table, and thought that it might be interesting to play “adjust the white balance” to see if the camera had the processing smarts to compensate for low light.

It turns out it does that pretty well.