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Proxy servers suck

I’m sitting here in the emergency room at Providence Milwaukie, and I want to check my mail on pell. Providence Milwaukie has noticed that a lot of people desire net access when they’re in the hospital waiting for a relative to get better, so they’ve set up access.

PARTIAL access.

They’ve got a horrid little web proxy that wants you to give them a email address (which I did. A bogus email address, but the stupid web proxy doesn’t care) and then brings up a “click here to logout” popup window (which you can’t close, because if you close it you lose web access.) And as long as the popup is there, you can slowly talk to outside web servers (though I’d bet that they’re firewalled into oblivion.) but you can’t do pop3 or ssh. So no mail.


It’s not as if I wanted to read mail or anything.

Stupid web proxy.



I hope the reason for being in an emergency room is resolved well and speedily for all concerned.

Graydon Sun Apr 25 06:12:15 2010

Russell was in the emergency room for suspected appendicitis (which, after 10 hours of time in two different emergency rooms, turned out not to be the case) and I was whiling away the many many hours of sitting there by looking at things on the computer.

David Parsons Sun Apr 25 14:15:39 2010

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