This Space for Rent

Moving to a new co-lo, the hard way

The focus of tsfr shifts around a lot, but one constant from basically get get-go is that I post a lot of pictures to it. I post about 5% of the pictures I take, but that’s still a lot of pictures; after (uselessly, since I found a p*th*n command-line copy utility that I could have run from gehenna) copying most of the files that were referenced on the weblog over to my macbook air, I ended up with a directory that contains ~2600 images (plus another 100 or so that didn’t get copied because scp throws up in a most amusing fashion if a filename contains a space, a parethesis, or a backtick.)

The 2600 images are now being firehosed over to my flickr account, and then I can, at my leisure, write another p*th*n program that will build the appropriate markdown for displaying the pictures on tsfr, and then after that build a little sed script that will rewrite all of the thousands of posts that use those images to point at the new image locations on flickr.

I fully expect that giant meteors will strike each and every one of the Yahoo! data centers (and their corporate HQ) about 30 minutes after I finish running the rewriter script and deleting the old images.