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Trolley picture of the day

CBC trolley

I took the Trek out today for some shopping (leaf tea at Kobos, kitty litter and dry fud at Pet Loft) so I didn’t have a handlebar bag to stuff the Pentax into. So I pulled out the CBC, wedged fresh batteries into it, and, after verifying that I could turn it on, stuffed it into my pocket and headed out for a quick trip downtown (17mph average from home to just south of Burnside, thanks to a slight north wind. 23mph on the level with an xtracycle is pretty good for me, particularly when I can maintain it for a mile and a half.)

I looped up to Grand Ave for the run up to Broadway and the Broadway bridge, and when I crossed the interurban line at Holliday, I saw a Clackamas-bound train coming and stopped to take a picture. The first picture wasn’t that good, so I tried to take a second one and got to sit there for a long time while the first picture was laboriously painted into the flash memory chip, thus resulting in this picture after the train had already crossed Grand and was heading east to the next stop.

It’s artsy, and it’s what I planned. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.