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Annoying MacOS feature of the day

I’ve been using the Apple iPhoto program to tweak photos before publishing them, and it’s more or less been okay to use (despite keeping copies of all of my photos on the Mac,) but, in the grand tradition of software everywhere, the programmers at Apple can’t keep their #@$#@%$@# fingers off the code. And they keep adding “features.”

Like the one they added sometime in the last few days (or whenever they put the stupid thing in; software update put the horrid thing on my notebook only a day or so ago) which is that g-dd-mn iPhoto goes into a shrieking fit if I have the nerve to pop a window up over the oh-so-important import screen. Not that I can actually do anything while it’s importing, of course, but it’s obviously really important to the programmers at Apple that I watch the stupid progress bar creep slowly across the bottom of the iPhoto window.

And then to add insult to injury iPhoto dumped core as soon as it finished importing the photos.

I wonder if I should just delete iPhoto and use Preview as my image editor?