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Railroad picture(s) of the day


When I went out for a ride this morning, I found myself looping through Oregon City at about 11:15. “Hmm,” though I, “it’s possible that the 11:30 Cascades might be showing up right around now.” and I peeled off to the left and parked my bicycle at the end of a road butting up against the other side of the tracks from the Oregon City Amtrak station.

Now, it seems that Oregon City has some sort of noise ordinance, because even though there are a couple of grade crossings between the Blue Heron paper mill and the Amtrak station, I didn’t hear anything, but after 10 minutes or so I saw the headlights of the F40PH pop into sight on the viaduct that crosses downtown Oregon City. No zoom lens, just my 55mm Super-Tak, but that was enough to get good wedge shots as the train rolled on by.