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Yr. humble narrator, caught on the wrong side of a computer display.


Looks like fun. But you’re holding the paddle upside down - the slope on the far edge of the paddle from you is supposed to parallel the water surface as it enters.

Paul Tomblin Thu Jun 28 07:46:21 2007

When I hold the paddle that way (the way you recommended), it doesn’t work very well as a spike. The picture doesn’t show it very well, but the shoreline goes up at about a 30° angle, so landing is a matter of surfing forward for about 30 feet, then plunging the nose of the kayak into the sand as if it was a javelin.

Losing some paddling efficiency while landing is an acceptable trade-in for being able to use the paddle as a raftpole.

David Parsons Thu Jun 28 09:30:21 2007

What a great action shot! That must have been so much fun….

Billie Thu Jun 28 11:23:25 2007

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