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Not a particularly compelling argument

In the last episode of the saga of my descent into mac depravity, I mentioned that it might be nice to have MacOS 10 running on my Toshiba notebook, because the Toshiba has got a few features that my macbook doesn't have, such as

  1. multi-button mice
  2. a twiddle-stick mouse
  3. more USB ports
  4. a MMC/SD port for easy picture snarfing from my Pentax
  5. a less-sucky keyboard

So, since I've got a working wireless connection here at the beach, I decided to look online to see what the search engines could bring up. I found a few dozen pages that claim to describe how to install macOS on cheap PC hardware, which was no surprise, but before I ran into those pages I found some pages by dedicated macfanatics where the ridiculous thesis was put forth that Apple would never sell macOS separately because nobody can make any money selling operating systems without bundling them with hardware.

Okay, that makes sense. I've certainly never seen any company make money by selling operating system software by itself. It's not as if the richest family in the world got there on the back of such a company, either.

Hmm. Maybe not. But as far as I know Mr. Gates doesn't wear black turtlenecks, so he doesn't count.