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New Code!

Postoffice has been pushed up to version 1.4.2 with the correction of a couple of silly bugs that stopped it from functioning properly on an am64 version of ubuntu and stopped it from configuring on MacOS 10 (I did an overfancy method to detect whether BIND8COMPAT was needed, and as a result I could no longer find the resolver on macos. For 1.4.2, I prototyped the change on a MacOS 10 machine, so it's more likely to actually work now.)

I'd be more detailed about the changes, but it's 3am and I've got a plane to catch tomorrow at noon (which means awake at 8, to the airport at 9, then a two hour performance of American Security Theatre to entertain us before they let us onto the airplane. Be thankful this release announcement wasn't a mpeg of me pounding a beer bottle against a table while grunting Oook! Oook!