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Well, that would explain a lot

The Coast Starlight will not operate on the Sacramento to Portland section of its route from June 9 through June 12. Union Pacific will be working on the stateline tunnel north of Dorris, CA, south of Klamath Falls. The entire railroad will be shut down, allowing UP to work on other projects on the closed segment simultaneously.

Train #11 (#1011 officially) will operate Sacramento to Los Angeles on June 10-12. Train #14 will operate Los Angeles to Sacramento on June 9-11. Coach equipment will operate Seattle-Portland to cover that portion of the Starlight schedule.

There will be no alternate transportation provided Portland to Sacramento.


Well, that might explain both the mysterious disappearance of yesterday's Coast Starlight and why the Yellow Menace had MOW trains as part of their afternoon traffic jam south of Brooklyn Yard on the 3rd. It's certainly more of an explanation than I've found anywhere else.


This site has some additional information on the Dorris CA tunnel project. On scene photos will be published after 6/15/2007.

Ron Thu Jun 14 18:14:00 2007

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