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Oh great, another yellow engine (pt 2)

Zoom! goes the manifest freight

I went into the dentist's office this morning to successfully get three teeth repaired, and as a result my mouth has been aching all day. This means I've been eating primarily soft foods, and given that the peaches are starting to come in, this means I've been eating lots of peaches. The last batch of peaches vanished down my maw at lunchtime, so I went past the big big-big-store after I left work so I could refill the peach bin at home. The busses were very crowded this afternoon, so I couldn't even get onto the #9 bus that I would normally take out to 21st, but had to cram myself onto a #19 and walk from Milwaukie and Powell.

I had my camera in hand, so when a fast-moving Yellow Menace freight blew into the 11th Ave crossing it didn't catch me completely unaware. (unlike the Coast Starlight [not pictured] which rudely zipped past when I was two blocks away from the 15th Ave footbridge -- I was crossing 16th when a flicker of movement caught my eye and the train flashed by in a streak of silver paint and double-decker windows. I actually pulled out the camera and made a couple of running steps towards 15th before I realized that at 40+mph there was no way I'd make the 200 feet to the next street before the train reached the 12th/11th street grade crossing.)