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Trolley pictures of the day

It was warm and sunny this afternoon, and, for a change, I didn't have to go home immediately after work, so I spent 45 minutes walking down to the Gibbs St. trolley terminal after I left work at 5:00:00pm today.

For some reason, the City of Portland ran the new trolley line between the Red Electric ROW and the street, so the old ROW has become a nice place to walk while taking pictures. I fully expect that this land will soon be eaten up and converted into hideously expensive condominiums (the city will give the land to the PDC, which will then value it at -$2million or so, then hand it over to some developer who will use the bogus valuation to use non-union labor to build the crappy things), but for now it's a shady lane that you can use to pretend that the trolleys are out in the country.

The north end of the Red Electric ROW doesn't have any trees on it, so it gives a really good view of Orange-Green as it heads south on the (half-mile) bit of private ROW.


this is awesome yo

yo Wed Apr 18 17:21:37 2007

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