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So, just how do you say “Damn, that’s fast!” in French?

574.8 km/h, and, once again, the French take the high speed record. (Meanwhile, back in the self proclaimed Technological Center Of The Universe, we still can't run our trains much over 200 km/h (and to do that we need to use Alstom-derivative trainsets.)

I think the fastest I've ridden in a train was about 300km/h (in France, of course,) but that doesn't seem very fast anymore.

Update:I changed the video link to point at gootube; the previous link appears to have dropped some sort of link hijacker (trying to point random urls through "", which, at least from the discussion I've seen online, has been accused of being involved with clickthrough fraud. might be as pure as the morning dew, but I don't like losing connectivity because some link hijacker is bouncing connections through it.)