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The American Red Cross is accepting money for disaster recovery from the BHFH that just swatted the gulf coast. Yes, it's Jesusland, but in the end they're just people, and a lot of poor people have just lost everything but their lives, and may end up losing that too.

If you can, donate now; the Red Cross is pretty good at getting contributions to disaster victims, and if you disapprove of the Red Cross, there's always Mercy Corps and Northwest Medical Teams. But in any case, the bottom is still falling out of New Orleans, et al, and even if you're able to go down there and do disaster relief (not a chore most people are suited for. I suspect a day of running a soupkitchen and getting people triaged and onto busses to take them away from home, possibly forever, would drive me into an exhausted suicidal state), cold hard cash is always in fashion.