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The fine print gives, then the finer print takes away.

One unexpected feature of hurricane Katrina swatting New Orleans en passant is that there's little to no power in the city. No power == no pumps. No pumps == no water being pumped out.

It was a sideswipe rather than a direct hit, but the levees still had two holes knocked in them. What happens to a city that's inside a leaking cofferdam when it can't pump the water out? Well, it starts filling up with water.

This might be a recipe for many things, but "inhabitable city" is not one of them. I sure hope they get the holes plugged and the pumps going again.

(and, on a personal note, the summer cottage? The Mississippi contingent of the family returned from Florida and "... found the bell that was on the porch", but didn't find the offending porch or the cottage that the porch was attached to. But they did find their house intact, though there are no details about mud, snake, or alligator levels inside it. There are advantages to living a good distance away from the ocean when you live in hurricane country and the global warming light is on.)