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Packrats -R- us

I was rearranging stuff in the basement (which I'm trying to convert from a junk area into a work area), and realized that I've got 11 laptops that I don't use anymore, ranging from a positively ancient Powerbook 100 (with a SCSI drive that suffers from stiction, which makes booting a, um, experience) up through a tadpole sparcbook. And, except for the IBM Butterfly, I suspect thast none of these machines will ever be booted up again.

But who would want an ancient 486 or Pentia laptop, particularly one with a dead battery (I bought my Butterfly for US$100, and the batteries for it cost $80. That's a pretty terrifying component cost) ? I'll bet these laptops stay into the basement, along with all of my first-generation computer junk (the 65816s in my apple GSes are just begging to have Unix put onto them, but that requires something called "free time", which I won't have for at least another 20 years unless I win the lottery) until I fall over dead and the bears clean out the pile of junk that just became their estate.


That sounds like a dare.

Julie the Spouse Sun Aug 28 22:44:36 2005

Why, would you like a laptop? I'll throw in as many as you want, as long as you don't store them in the house :-)

David Parsons Mon Aug 29 00:24:51 2005

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