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But I’m sure it’s only a coincidence

In the tropical Atlantic, the summer/fall hurricane season appears to be setting in with a vengence.

the NOAA predicts 19-21 tropical storms... (mean: 10 tropical storms)
... of which 9-11 will become hurricanes ... (mean: 6 hurricanes)
... and 5-7 of them will be major hurricanes. (mean: 2-3)

The NOAA is estimating that the cyclonic activity this year is going to be at least 180% of the mean cyclonic activity during hurricane season. Why? Well, it's the NOAA, which has pursestrings controlled by the Peter Pan junta, so the little press release vaguely talks about long-term weather cycles, and only hesitatingly mentions that the Atlantic Ocean is warmer than usual this year.

But it's certainly not global warming. King Canute's idiot son has decreed that the tide roll back, and everyone knows that the resulting wet spot is simply that someone spilled their drink. Their 3,000,000,000 gallon drink. Which they put too much salt in. And not enough booze. Ahem. It's probably the fault of the same lefty terrorists who are roaming the tundra with their hairdriers, sneakily melting all the permafrost just to embarrass the idiot king!