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This may be G-d’s way of telling people not to buy those stupid SUVs

5 bucks a gallon for gas? Expert sees it in 2006?

I'd worry about this, except that about 50% of the country voted for the assholes who brought us to this point. We've got a Prius, so we're "only" paying $20 to fill the tank today; perhaps when the people driving their Lincoln Navigators, H[123]s, and the rest of the collection of huge bloated deathtraps that call themselves SUVs start paying $200 (at which point we'll be paying $40, which we sometimes have to do twice a month) for a tank of gas they'll start considering that maybe it would be prudent to dumpster their tanks and buy reasonable cars.

But I'm not going to hold my breath. I fully expect that the end result of gas prices going to $5 will be that people will demand, and the B*sh junta will cheerfully obey, that some other near eastern country be invaded to GET THAT CHEAP OIL (at which point gas prices will go up to $10/gallon and those lovely suburban crackerboxes that people pay $300,000 for will become somewhat less desirable. And then people will demand, and the B*sh junta will cheerfully obey, that the United States invade Canada or Venezuela to GET THAT CHEAP OIL. Rinse, lather, repeat, pound head against wall as required.)

And as large swaths of the United States collapse into barren slums, the auto uber alles people will still be whining that "there'll be no energy crisis if cities just abandon mass transit and build more highways!

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The experts are blowing smoke out their asses.

The oil producing countries in this world are producing oil at about maximum. They can crank it up a little bit. But not that much.

Countries like Canada can start producing oil that was too expensive to produce before prices sky rocketed. But that won't help much. Because it's expensive oil, to start with.

And China and India--but mostly China--are gearing up to start burning oil like a western country.

Five dollars a gallon? Hah!

You're much closer to the truth than the "experts".

Ten dollars a gallon is not even silly.

But the new Hummer III is still getting rave reviews! Nineteen miles a gallon on the highway! With the wind at its back!

I do my best not to hate people. But some of them? I just can't help it.

They're either willfully stupid. Or greedy to the point of being evil.

ricky Fri Aug 19 19:59:28 2005

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