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The joys of living in an old house

Sometime last weekend, the power cord to the basement freezer, which is conveniently plugged in nowhere near the freezer, got knocked loose while we (probably not we, but me, since I'm the one that uses power tools in the basement) were plugging and unplugging things down there.

Today, we (and by we, I mean the best) discovered, to our intense dismay, that the freezer was no longer doing very much in the freezing department any more.

Sigh. I need to add a couple more items to the list of things to do around the house:

  1. clean out the freezer.
  2. Convince the best that I can actually do electrical wiring without burning down the house and/or killing myself.
  3. Rewire the damned basement so we've got more than two electrical outlets down there.

And sometime very soon we've got to hire a licensed electrician to replace the dinky little electrical panel we've got with one that's got enough drops to properly supply electricity to the house. Perhaps I'll do this after the nervous breakdown I've got pencilled in for this sunday (after another weekend has gone by without having a chance to even start to unwind, oh joy!)