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Note to myself: Don’t visit the UK until after lapdog Blair is deposed

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't scoot for the train when they walk onto the platform and see it standing there? Shoot, I've done it. I've done it in London. But that was before the police got their spiffy new terrorism training that reads "it's okay to butcher innocent bystanders in the subway as long as you say 'sorry' afterwards".

The whole "stalk someone until they run for a train, then shoot them" stunt is the sort of thing I would have expected butcher Hussein to do if Baghdad had a subway. But in London, where people (foolishly) think they're in a civilized country? I think I'll spend my tourist dollars elsewhere. Pity, too, since I'd like to visit Scotland again, but it's not worth being judged and found guilty of being insufficiently caucasian while I'm making the grim transit from London Heathrow to Kings Cross or visa-versa.

(cheery tourism news via Avedon Carol)