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Project of the day

The Stupid Room, as previously noted, came with about half of a kitchen sink dropped into one end of it. When the forces of urban renewal reached that end of the room, we tore out the cupboard (one had previously been torn out and converted into a pile of planks, leaving us with a single survivor) and instead of dismantling it, set it aside for some future project.

The future is now, baby!

I spent a few hours this afternoon (there's a really gross bathroom chore I need to do, and this helped delay the inevitable) converting the stupid room cupboard into a stupid room cabinet for the basement.

This cabinet is mainly built out of the stupid room -- the cabinet body is the ex cupboard, with the latch relocated up one shelf so I don't have to reach down to the floor to open the cabinet, and the plywood back used to be part of the barkingly hideous board and batten siding in there -- but the top of the cabinet is recycled palletwood, as is the foot at the bottom of the cabinet. The kickboard on the front of the foot is from the now demised deck, and the red paint is what was left after painting the lemonade stand; I've not yet painted the foot, and don't know if I will bother painting the cabinet top or the inside (it's going to be used to store paint and possibly tools, so painting the top seems like an invitation to nicks and paint spills. And there's something about the "every internal joint is crooked" design that makes painting the inside seem like vanity on a seven deadly sins level.)

One interesting thing about this cabinet is that all the wood cutting I had to do, with the exception of the feet, was done by drawing a line and cutting freehand with a saw. I'm trying to learn how to cut lines freehand because I don't have a radial saw and it's cheaper to cut by hand than spend $500 on another power tool.