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Mysterious flying insect of the day

I went downstairs a little after midnight to help refill the vomit ducts on the cats, and found this little tiny mosquito-ish bug dozing on one of the kitchen windowblinds. It looks a lot like a mosquito (at least as far as I could see from below), except it appears to have scaly wings, and, of course, it holds its wings out perpendicular to its body instead of folding them back against its abdomen. It was not in the mood to flee, so it just sat there while I went to grab my camera and the zoom lens, and it remained motionless when I came back, fitted the camera and went *flash* *flash* *flash* until I got a good picture.


That, I'm sorry to say, is the Judas Breed.

You'll need to leave your part of the country soon. It's bound to mutate any minute now.

ricky Mon Aug 15 17:55:48 2005

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