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I am so not surprised

In Washington, the Stupid Party candidate managed to prevail over the Evil Party candidate for Governor, by demanding that the close election be counted accurately instead of by the oh-so-reliable computer tabulators (and, no, I'm not suggesting fraud here; it's well known that the mechanical tabulators are not as reliable as mk1 human eyeballs.) Does the Evil Party candidate concede? Nope (and this is the proper decision; you yield a lot of ground when you make a concession, even if you may actually be the winner.) But what does the Evil Party candidate ask for? A reexamination of rejected ballots in Evil Party-friendly counties? Nope, how about redoing the whole election?

Sure. And if uncertainty about the results is enough to have a do-over in Washington, well, it's good enough to have a do-over in Ohio. And maybe we should have a do-over in every state where happy coincidences occurred.

With paper ballots, all counted by hand.

(links from Old Fashioned Patriot)